2020 Instructors
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2020 Session 1 Instructors
  • Kurt Dove- Major League Fishing, FLW, and Bass Tournament Angler and Guide
    Kurt Dove
    Kurt's Website
  • Denny Brauer- Bass Fishing Hall of Fame Tournament Angler
    Denny Brauer
    Facebook Page
  • Dave Mansue- National Tournament Angler
    Dave Mansue
    Dave's Website
  • Rick Harris- Tournament Angler
    Rick Harris

  • Austin Terry - Professional Angler
    Austin Terry
    Facebook Page
  • Olin Jensen- Regional Tournament Angler
    Olin Jensen
    Olin's Website
  • Tim Flowers- Tournament Angler
    Tim Flowers

  • Chase Brooks- Professional Angler
    Chase Brooks
  • James Burkeen- Regional Tournament Angler
    James Burkeen
    James' Website
  • Daniel Howard- Regional Tournament Angler
    Daniel Howard

  • T.R. Andreas- Professional Guide & Regional Tournament Angler
    T.R. Andreas
    Facebook Page
  • Matt Pangrac- Professional Angler
    Matt Pangrac
    Facebook Page
  • Bucky Simmons- Tournament Angler
    Bucky Simmons
    Facebook Page
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Kurt Dove Guides Lake Amistad
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